Street Scenes 1

These were taken in 2016, and are a mix of composed and improvised shots. The reflection shot I kept passing over because it lacks a clear subject, is visually chaotic with difficult to separate layers, and looks a little soft at full size. Well damn technique to hell, because I saw some potential in this that has me constantly scanning windows. Standing on the shoulders of visionaries such as Saul Leiter, Ive found these are some of the most challenging shots to compose.

The dutch angle of people exiting the 34th St subway station was an improvised shot which I feel captures the mayhem, stress, confusion, and anxiety of rush hour in Midtown Manhattan, as well as some of the unpredictable magic in impromptu street photography with it’s angularity. The night shots on Bedford Ave are part of a larger, ongoing series which blurs the line between people watching, street, and fashion photography, and the one looking across Havermeyer up the ramp to the Williamsburg Bridge is a bit of an homage to the history of the medium and its progenitors.

For me photography is a constant process of tuning and retuning my eye, vacillating between simplicity and chaos, negative space and filling the frame, reflections, shadows, whatever it is I’m trying to see, or trying to reveal to the viewer. While this is not a traditional series with one coherent subject or style, I grouped a few of these grittier B&W shots together so you can get a better sense of where Im coming from, and what Im tuning my eye for.






Broadway & 14th Street



8th Ave & 33rd Street



Union Square



8th Ave & 42nd St



23rd St & 8th Ave



59th St Subway Station



Bedford Ave



Bedford Ave


Bedford Ave