Kellogg’s Diner Study

I’ve been working on studies of a local diner for quite some time now. It’s got a great neon facade that emits a nice glow on the rain slicked streets which has fascinated me for years. Ive never been that happy with the photographs I took of it, but these are getting closer. There were some technical limitations with the camera, and it seemed like almost every time I tried to set up a car would park right in front, or the rain would let up, or become a torrential downpour. The final version that I am currently working on now probably wont be posted online so Im putting the studies from last year up.

Kellogg’s Diner Study 1


3/4 view, this angle shows some potential for a person in the foreground.


Kellogg’s Diner Study 2


Kellogg’s can look drab when it isn’t raining, so I went with a long exposure, and kept it dark.


Kellogg’s Diner Study 3


These are related to the diner studies, just trying to further hone in on a specific look.


Loasis Open Grill



North 7th St.